About Me

I’m Lizz, creator of You’re in Good Company.  Every time I had to tell someone new about getting sick and being treated for mental health it felt like a shameful confession.  I dreaded seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while, even close friends, because I didn’t want to have the conversation explaining where I had been over the last 6 months and why I had moved back home.  Except every time I did open and share my story with someone, more than half had their own story and experience to share about mental health too.  It felt like most people I knew suddenly were really open about how difficult mental health is, and it seemed weird that I had been so ashamed before telling them.  The project behind You’re In Good Company  is attempting to address that shame and stigma attached to mental health by interviewing different people.  Each entry is someone’s story, their ups, their downs, how they feel about mental health stigma, and how they choose to heal.   I hope listening can help share different stories and experiences that demonstrate mental health and healing have no set path, no right or wrong form.  If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health, know that not only are you not alone, you’re in good company.