Just Minding

Just Minding Art

What inspired you to create Just Minding?

The need for expressing my feelings somehow. I have always needed to either write, draw, or make something to process whatever I am thinking about.

Just Minding came up as a new graphic response to understand my feelings and also to communicate them more consciously to myself. My way to (self) emotional education.


What is your process for finding creative inspiration and creating art?

Walking into exhibitions or museums is a very inspiring tool for me, but I can’t emphasise enough how decisive travelling and nature have been in my creative process.

I should also add Instagram as a big source of inspiration. I consider it an online art and design gallery.


What has been the most rewarding part of putting together Just Minding?

My ideas, feelings, opinions have been transformed into images that correspond well with each other. So far, I feel very satisfied with their simplicity and personality.

Plus, I have received very beautiful responses from others about my work. This is, for me, definitely a big push to keep Just Minding going.

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Mental Health

If you had to sum up how mental health has a played a role in your life path, what direction would you say you are headed and what direction did you come from?

In my life I have encountered sadness, trauma and anxiety several times due to different events. I come from a context where emotional education not only didn’t count as relevant for personal development, but in fact it was even considered a sign of weakness.

That’s why the direction I’m heading with Just Minding is Emotional Education Art. I plan on exploring this field by what I do best, that’s not only drawing, but also creating experiences with nature (my favourite medium).


Why do you choose to be open about mental health, especially with Just Minding?

I think Emotional Education is very relevant in our life. It’s difficult to manage your feelings if you don’t understand them. And it’s pretty complicated to keep a stable mental health if you don’t have an educated or somehow developed emotional health.

With Just Minding I want to show the world that we all experience changes and disruptions in our emotional health. These can produce mental health issues like sadness, anger, anxiety, mood swings… And it is fine. We should learn to feel good but also to feel pain and suffering and to recover after stumbling down.


How do you handle your mental health symptoms, what works and what doesn’t for you?

In Just Minding, I have spoken about creative anxiety or anxiety in general, and how hard it’s to beat it sometimes. What works for me is to step back and observe my symptoms and take some time to understand what is triggering them.

Also, it’s very important for me to have good company and get some fresh air.

What never works for me is when I ignore any signs of struggle (which, at a first glance, seems the easiest option) and force myself forward without thinking about what’s going on. My experience has taught me that this has had a negative impact in my mental health in the mid/long term.



Favorite quote or lyric…

Many! Quotes are one of my favorite things! But I’ll just my top 3:

“If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.”  (Banksy)

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” (Nelson Mandela)

“One day I’ll find the right words and it would be simple” (J.Kerouac)


What is your biggest source of motivation to keep going when things get tough?

Me repeating myself to hold onto my dreams, stay close to people that love me and believe in me, quotes indeed, good reads and even a good TED talk.


How would you describe your support system?

I have been building carefully over the years and now I have started to refine it and making it more solid.

My main starting points for a solid support system: Love and non – judgment. Simple but complicated to find nowadays.

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Self Care

Say something nice about yourself!  I am…

Persistent. Careful. Honest. Loyal to myself. Above all, I believe in me and what I do.


How do you take care of yourself on a daily basis?

I am working on establishing a routine with discipline. Also, feeding myself well and keeping a healthy social network and life.

Also, there are many things that have improved my wellness like having my own working space, keeping an agenda, having a notebook to write and draw, as well as keeping a camera with me to take pictures.


What is your go to luxurious self care tip?

A date with myself. I take a book and a notebook and go to a cafeteria or a botanical garden (my favourite type of venues) to have a nice lunch while I read or write and observe the world around me.


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