Other Weird Lessons I’ve Learned from my Plants

Not to be a weird plant lady but I am way too a little obsessed with my plants.  It brings me a lot of joy to watch them grow and change over time.   By observing all of them I have learned a few things about plant life that I think apply well to human life.  These lessons are a little cheesy and may be a sign I love my plants too much.

You Can ALWAYS Bounce Back

True Story: I bought an aloe plant when I was 21 right before I entered my senior year in college and my worst period of anxiety ever.  I think I watered it once a week for maybe 5 weeks and never touched it again.  It had been living in a corner of my bedroom at home since I moved back from college.  I must have watered it sometime during my senior year but I remember always feeling bad for how much I was neglecting it.  Low and behold I found it when I moved back home this past year and decided to see if it could be saved.  I re-potted it with the correct soil and stones to drain and began watering it regularly.  Within a month it was thriving and growing new leaves.  I kid you not, I let a plant essentially die for about 2.5 years before I decided to start treating it well and now it is BEAUTIFUL.  I like to think that we can all hit our absolute rock bottom and have almost everyone think we aren’t going to come back, but we can and we can thrive just like my little aloe.

Some Parts Die and That is for the Best

As a thank you gift, my boss gave me four trimmings from a Vick’s Vapor Rub Plant.  They all grew roots in a little cup of water so I replanted them and placed them by my windowsill hoping for the best but expecting the worst.  This was my first attempt at caring for a plant and I couldn’t find good care instructions on line for this plant.  After a while they seemed to be doing well but a bunch of leaves started turning yellow or brown and falling off.  I was ready to give up and say I was bad at raising plants however, after a lot of reassurance from a plant expert friend, I kept trying to take care of them.  Then the magic of new growth happened right in front of me. In what seemed like all at once, my baby plants had a ton of new growth all over where the old leaves had fallen off.  Getting rid of what no longer serves us to create room for new growth is essential for plants and for humans.  Let go of the things that are holding you back even if it feels scary and like the whole plant might be dying, I promise the new growth that comes from underneath will be as breathtaking as it is worth it.

Everyone Grows at Different Paces

These four Vapor Rub plants are all clippings from one mother plant, and all four of them grow completely differently.  They receive the same amount of sunlight, water, and love but they all have unique growing patterns.  One is growing tall, one has lots of new buds, and two of them are still losing lower leaves. That is all perfect.  Seriously, each plant is thriving and growing, they just look different and their methods of growth aren’t identical.  It’s easy to compare ourselves to people who on paper seem identical to us and feel bad we aren’t progressing the same way.  Stop it! You are growing in the most beautiful and unique way imaginable and that is absolutely perfect.


Image Source: My Scandinavian Home

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