This was the first story I recorded for this project with my good friend Alli.  It has some hiccups because it was my first time recording but it is an amazing story and I wanted to share Alli’s insights about her experience living with Bipolar II.  We go everywhere from gender, to self-criticism, to our current political climate and even stop to talk about pajamas.  Alli and I cover a lot and laugh through almost all of it, even when we probably shouldn’t be.  Listen to the two of us chat about her experience with getting diagnosed, holding stress in her stomach, and working with her new favorite therapist.

TW: Mania, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideation, Death

“When I feel myself getting nearly out of control I get scared”

“When I laugh with other people…its made me have more perspective on how to gain happiness…share in other peoples moments”


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