Why my Plants Help me Heal

The healing power of my plants has almost nothing to do with some hippie new wave plant aura idea (but I don’t necessarily doubt it).  I love my plants because they give me a chance to be responsible for something other than me and to watch them flourish because of how I treat them.  When mental illness makes me feel stuck in life and unable to move forward, our I am in the classic one step back after my two steps forward, being able to easily love and care for something that depends on me makes me feel better.

Bringing a plant into your life is an easy, low risk way to try caring for something.  You can find a plethora of plants at your local nursery or even Home Depot.  Smaller ones tend to be pretty inexpensive, around $5 and have a ton of potential for growth.  If you have no time, get a succulent, it rarely needs to be watered and will thrive with a little neglect.  Good, easy examples of these are Aloe, generic cacti, or my favorite, Donkey “Burros” Tail.  If you want to be able to spend more time caring for your new friend but still want something difficult to kill I would check out Pothos, Spider Plants, or English Ivy.  These three are also going to grow pretty quickly so you will be able to see the progress a little faster.

If you don’t want to buy a plant find a friend or family member who has something that can be easily clipped and regrown.  I would try a pothos or spider plant first since they tend to be the easiest. Put the clipping in a cup of water and place it in the sun.  Let the little guy grow some new roots before you plant it into a new pot.  You can find easy instructions for all of these plants on pinterest or from a simple google search.

Having some fresh green in your room will help lift up the energy and putting effort and energy into something can feel incredibly rewarding.  The good thing is that plants are low risk, if you forget to care for them, even for a long time, they can usually bounce back once you start watering them again.  If they do die completely, don’t fret! Even some “easy care” plants die easily, just try again.  Let me know what plants you get and how caring for them is working out!



  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’m trying to figure out which plants work best in my office space, to add earthy healing energy, and to remind me that there’s more to life and living in the world than the document I have to turn in in the next ten minutes.

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