Why I Created this Space

This space, website, comment section, stories, everything, is being started in the hopes of taking away some of the stigma and shame around mental health.  It was so common to hear, you’re not alone,when struggling with mental health, but what I really needed was evidence that other people like me, people I could identify with in real life, struggled too.

I knew I wasn’t alone, but who was I with?  When everyone is quiet about mental health it makes it hard to find other people whose stories resonate with your own.   I wanted to not only not feel ashamed to share my story, but also to recognize that a lot of the people I loved, respected, and idolized were struggling too.  I found that once I did start to share my story, there were  people I already knew that have been looking for the opportunity to share their story too. You’re in Good Company was born out of this desire to remind myself that I am surrounded by so many amazing people who are struggling, healing and all the above in a myriad of ways. So come, share your stories, your laughs, your heartbreaks, your highs and lows, and help me remind myself and everyone else, who is with us when we say “we are not alone.”


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